Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Pedophile Handbook and The Limits of The First Amendment

Phillip Greaves, the author of “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure” has been charged with violating Florida’s obscenity law, a third degree felony in that state that could see him imprisoned for up to five years. He deserves every day of it, and then some more for his vile, grubby and predatory words that encourage others to prey on small children. I am disgusted that this disgraceful mountebank has become a poster boy for first amendment fanatics who never see harm in any words; they should be ashamed.

Out of the Big House and Back in the Dog House—Michael Vick Wants a Dog

I want to share this amazing piece from my friends at Sports Intelligence Analysts on Michael Vick and his desire to own another dog. We all know that Michael Vick is to the love of animals what Charles Manson is to the promotion of "family values"; this piece, therefore, squarely hits the nail on the head!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How Do Law Firms Select The Best New Litigators?

I want to share this wonderful piece that was written, by Phil Houston, for law firms looking at hiring new lawyers---I think readers will find it is of great applicability to other areas where professionals are being hired and also of use to the public looking to hire the very best lawyer for their case!

T’is the season for hiring new talent (we hope). As law firms scramble to compete for the best talent slated to graduate in May/June 2011, they are often reminded of how difficult it is to identify and hire the best candidates. Many firms also know and understand that the most difficult position to screen for is litigators.

Phil Houston and Greg Doucette Join “The True Verdict”

It is with great pleasure and pride that I write to let readers know that two new contributors will stellar credentials have joined the Truth In The Law Blog “The True Verdict” they are Phil Houston and Greg Doucette.