Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Lie Spotting Challenge---Can You Spot Deception?

I wanted to share with everyone a challenge to test your detection of deception skills that was posted by my friend Pam Meyers on her website

The challenge is to watch a video of Lance Armstrong being interviewed by Larry King regarding his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs and determine whether or not you believe he is being deceptive. Once you have done this, you can then read the expert analysis performed by another good friend, colleague and CIA veteran, Phil Houston.

Phil was one of the experts who created the detection of deception model that is widely viewed as the very best in the world, and the one that is actually used in the intelligence field (a claim made by many but true in this case).

So, if you are ready, take the challenge


  1. So Mr. Cia and friend have taken to beat up on cancer survivor. Big men aren't you.

    1. Now that the facts have come out and He (Mr. Armstrong has A. cheated. B. Stole from his foundation. Will you retract this?

  2. Nice analysis, but this one was a bit easy. I am interested to see this in the business field with corporate investors as the audience.

  3. I read the Meyers book and it seems a bit of a buy in to the Ekman method that has been discredited inn many circles. I wonder why you guys are working with her.

  4. I don't think anyone cares about whether Armstrong lied about drug use. Lance is an inspiration to cancer survivors around the world and, unfortunately, since retiring, people have been out to get him. Not saying your method is not valid and I am sure that you are all very good at what you do but Lance is now out of the sport and doing great things with his foundation.

  5. I think M.Armstrong deny very forceful and then he get upset as any person do who is always accuse of doing wrong. Always people try to read things different from what is written very brightly by speaker.

  6. Looks like the method worked. It's now October 2012 and the evidence is out and LA cheated to win his 7 titles. I am not willing to overlook the fact that he cheated to become a sensation simply because he also did some good things. People aren't all good or all bad - they are human, a combination of yin and yang. I would imagine he is in his own private hell now. This issue must be rolling through his head constantly. The price of his deception is that he has no peace.