Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Internationally Acclaimed Security Expert “Wild Bill” Stanton Joins The True Verdict

It is with great pleasure and pride that I write to let readers know that my good friend and colleague Bill Stanton has joined me as a blogger on The True Verdict.

Bill is an internationally recognized expert in the field of safety and security, the outcome of a stellar 25-year career in law enforcement and private security. Bill began his career as a decorated NYPD officer, and subsequently moved to the private sector, where he specialized in executive protection and investigations. Bill teamed with the legendary former New York City Police Commissioner Jack Maple to form Stanton and Maple Protection, Investigation and Crisis Management. In 2001 Bill's success in the private sector landed him on the cover of New York magazine. One of the country’s leading spokesmen on safety and security, Bill has appeared on numerous TV programs, and has served as a safety and security contributor for NBC News and The Today Show. He has starred in two primetime specials, and currently contributes to ABC News and Good Morning America. Bill is also the author of the book The Anti-Terror Checklist, which was featured on Oprah.

Bill is a larger than life figure who has boundless energy and is not afraid to share his views. In fact he was on Good Morning America just yesterday sharing some much needed advice about personal theft prevention in the run up to Christmas, which you can see here.

I welcome Bill aboard and I look forward to reading his views and analysis on any and all topics. Our opinions and analysis are entirely our own and so we will not always agree, but that is one of the wonderful things about this. I know Bill will not hold back.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank readers around the world. Response to, and viewership of, this blog has been incredible. We welcome comments and feedback and hope you will continue to enjoy (or be infuriated by) what we post.

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